11 February 2011

2011 Anstine Onstine Enstine Family Reunion

The planning for the 2011 Anstine Family Reunion is well under way.

July 16-21 in Northern Virginia

For details go to: www.anstinefamily.com

29 July 2010

Anstine Onstine Enstine Family Items of Interest

We are interested in hearing about interesting activities or ideas from family members.

For Family History Information go to: http://www.anstinefamily.com/

To ask questions about the Anstine Onstine Enstine Family email: anstinefamily@bellsouth.net

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The 2011 Anstine Onstine Enstine Family Reunion Survey is being setup on "Zoomerang".
We are trying to determine how much interest there is for a Family Reunion in July of 2011 and how best to set up the reunion in terms of the format, length, and activities.

2011 is the 260th Anniversary of the arrival of Johnan Jurg Anstein in the American Colonies.

We are thinking about the standard "Meet and Greet" / Fun Activities for a couple weekend days and then possibly some days of historically oriented group tours.

The tentative location is in Northern Virginia just west of Washington DC. However, we are open to other suggestions.

We would like your thoughts. Will let you know when Reunion Survey is ready for you to access.